How to select a 12V LED power supply

How to select a 12V LED power supply

The power supply 12V is also known as a 12V lighting transformer or driver. They offer direct current in low voltage and are used mainly in 12V LED lighting strips. Also, there are different types of these power supplies available for purchase. Moreover, all the types fall in either the indoor or outdoor category depending on how they operate. When Buying, proper selection is necessary for correct functioning. This post explains the factors for choosing a 12V LED power supply.

Factors for choosing 12V power supplies

The 12V LED power supply is among the essential components of an LED lighting system. Examples of the kinds in the market are dimmable and non-dimmable or constant current and constant voltage power supplies. Deciding which one to pick can be challenging. Getting the wrong power supply will damage it and the LED device as well.

1. Choose the suitable 12V LED power supply voltage

The input voltage of the 12V power supply should be equal to that of the LED device. A 12V LED light uses a direct current with a voltage of 12V. This means that only a similar power supply can be used for compatibility reasons. The importance of sticking to the device voltage levels is to keep it safe. Using a higher power supply may cause overheating or general damage to the interior components.

2. Is the 12V LED power supply dimmable or non-dimmable?

Most LED devices using these power supplies are non0dimmable. However, few others are dimmable. The non-dimmable 12V power supply installation has a dimmer installed between it and the LED device. In this case, dimming is not a necessary function. The dimmer is placed before the power supply to provide dim lighting for the dimmable power supply installation.

3. Is the 12V LED power supply indoor or outdoor?

You can use LED power supplies or drives indoors or outdoor. The location matters as those meant for indoor use may fail when exposed outside unless waterproof. If you have a 12V LED device or strips, then an indoor 12V power supply is ideal. If your LED lighting is outside, meaning it's water-resistant, then the power supply can be anywhere, in or out. In places like bathrooms, use a waterproof power supply or find a dry area for it. If nothing is forthcoming, it's best to have the 12V LED light outside the bathroom. Remember, the power supply is like a transformer. So, you don't want any contact with water if it's not water-resistant.

4. The wattage of the 12V power supply

The power supply wattage should always be more than that of the LED light. This is to ensure the power produced is sufficient for every component connected. It should be enough to sustain the light when it's turned on from off. Therefore, getting exact 12V LED and 12V power supply wattage can be risky.


A 12v power supply comes in handy in LED lighting. Above are essential factors to note when shopping for your power supply. Consider the voltage, wattage, and location of either the LED device or power supply. It can be indoor or outdoor based on the application. Decide whether you want a dimmable or non-dimmable power supply to buy what fits from the get-go.