What's the Meaning of USB C Power Delivery in Cables?

What's the Meaning of USB C Power Delivery in Cables?

The USB-C power delivery cable was created to solve the gadget's constant running out of charge. Their fast charging capabilities significantly reduce your time away from your phone. For instance, the USB-C power delivery cables found on Ugreen.com are quite effective and can transfer data with speeds of up to 40 Gbps and transmit pictures and audio in 4K comfortably. However, to those who have not taken some time to study the cables, these cables all look the same and perform the same task; charging devices. Well, there is more you will be happy to know about PD cables.

What is a USB-C power delivery cable?

The third installment of the Universal Serial Bus cable has specific charging capabilities that other USB type-C cables might not have. Additionally, the cable has several other features that have made its popularity soar. Here's some information regarding the USB-C power delivery cable.

What does power delivery mean?

As previously mentioned, the USB-C power delivery cable is different from the regular USB-C in that it can deliver up to 100W of charge to any device. The power delivery technology makes it possible for the device to withstand the power and charge it faster. More so, it achieves this without damaging the components of the device. If you are looking for a straightforward, fast, and safe charging approach, do not hesitate to buy these cables. You will also use the cable for years, provided you maintain it.

Is the charger as valuable as the PD cable?

Having the USB-C power delivery cable is one part of the charging combo. For the power delivery cable to be adequate for your device, you'll need a charger capable of delivering the necessary power through the cable and into the machine. A wall charger capable of 18W and above is sufficient to provide a higher power delivery. You can tell if the cable can achieve all you want from the specifications listed.

Compatibility solutions

The cable is created with two male-to-male connectors allowing for universal compatibility. The USB-C power delivery eliminates multiple charging cables for different devices. With the cable, you can set your smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other devices such as game consoles and headphones. The good thing about broad compatibility is that you can save a lot of money because a single cable will serve multiple functions.

The benefits of the USB-C power delivery cable

With all these technical specifications, one would ask, what are the advantages of using the USB-C power delivery cable? Your devices will charge much more quickly than a stock cable would, for starters. Additionally, the cable will safely transfer files from one device to another fraction of the time. You will also sync your device to the PC much more effortlessly.


Note that to know what your USB-C power delivery cable can achieve, understand its history and features. These cables are solutions to the charging challenges many device owners have. If you need a USB-C power delivery cable, check the Ugreen website for amazing deals today.